Concrete is a stylish, durable choice for indoor floors


See below for some of our frequently asked questions. Please contact us with any other questions you might have.

Polished, acid or eco stain, decorative overlays, epoxies (metallic, clear coat or coloured).

Yes. Cracks and damage can be repaired and then the floor is polished, clear coated or stained for a unique look.

Yes. Concrete can be used anywhere in your house. We can work with your builder or contractor to ensure the structure and best method of install is used for the best results and the finished product will be exactly what you want.

You can do anything in your garage that you can do on any other concrete floor. Depending on how you want the end product to look you can use one of our many methods. Our most popular product for garages is polyaspartic flake or quartz broadcast systems.

Simply, yes. We can do structural repairs to most concrete floors and then apply the coating for the finished look. If you simply want to repair your floor, that is also possible.

A large portion of our work is with business owners, contractors and designers. We have completed store fronts, warehouses, industrial shops, restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms, and many others. If you have a space with concrete we can probably work with it.

An acid stain is an applied process that is a chemical reaction with the concrete to create a unique and one of a kind look.

Epoxy is a coating on top of the concrete. It comes in an array of colours and metallic. It can be applied over any properly prepared surface.

In most cases floors can be leveled to create a usable surface. This can be done in residential and commercial settings.